Your personal brand is how you communicate YOU to the world. It’s unique to you. It sets you apart from other high performing individuals. 

You can communicate your personal brand through your words, actions, and visuals.

Chances are, you've got your words and actions covered. But, is your wardrobe working for you? or is it holding you back?

Clothes are more than what you put on your body. 
They're a tool in how  you communicate your personal brand.

When your clothes compliment who you are, your energy shifts. There's a ripple effect in how you show up for your day.

You stand-out vs blend-in at networking events.

You share your ideas at the next board meeting, knowing you’ve earned a seat at the table.

You make a lasting impression at your new client meeting.

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When you feel good in your clothes, you amplify your personal brand. Your confidence soars.

Sylvie Hart is a personal stylist for CEO's, C-suite Executives, Rising Stars, & Entrepreneurs based in Cleveland, OH.

Sylvie brings 20 years of corporate experience when styling her clients. She knows firsthand the importance of using your wardrobe as a communication tool. And, using your daily outfits to make an impact on your confidence, productivity, and future self.

Unlike other stylists who focus on personal shopping, Sylvie builds your wardrobe so you’re prepared for all that comes your way. No more last-minute shopping trips to buy an outfit for (insert need here). When your wardrobe is strategically designed around your outfits for work and weekend, you’ll stop wasting time searching/ buying/ returning clothes and start dressing for your day with confidence.

Meet Sylvie

Meet Sylvie

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Build My Wardrobe Now

All recommendations are customized for you based on your style needs, fit, and preferences. A systematic approach delivered as a high-touch service model.

With a complete wardrobe, you'll have endless outfits to meet the demands of your busy lifestyle

A complete wardrobe built to align with who you are and the message you want to communicate

No more scrolling/ buying/ returning, subscription boxes, & holding onto clothes you never wear

Benefits for you:

Save Time & Money

Stand-out vs. Blend-in

Get Dressed Efficiently

Personalized, Done for you Service

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Lastly, we'll create simple grab-n-go outfits that work for who you are today, so you can feel comfortable & confident in how you look. Easy style tips to give you the best fit for your shape will leaving you feeling confident and looking radiant. 

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Your grab n' go outfits are at your fingertips using my systematic approach to build your wardrobe.

The Styled to Strive (STS) System is personalized to your style goals, fit, and preferences.

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build a

the inputs

Next, we build a wardrobe that aligns with your personal style and lifestyle, so you never have to stress about what to wear. Each item in your closet will have a purpose and role in your wardrobe. It will be easy to fill in the gaps based on your newly defined personal style.

A strategic approach to building your wardrobe includes having the right inputs. We will explore your personal brand & style descriptors, lifestyle, style preferences, and life goals. These will act as the inputs to the items we will include in your closet. 

Here's how we'll work together:

Sylvie is creative, flexible, budget-conscious, fun, and efficient!

- M.M

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