My journey began over 25 years ago, sitting where you are, as a working professional. Having worked in Corporate for nearly twenty years, I was clear on how I wanted to dress for the office to align with my current job, my future job, and my personality.

With every new client, we start with my unique process called Build your Brand which focuses on 3 key areas -

  • Uncover your unique style using descriptive words that communicate your personal brand

  • Build a wardrobe that aligns with your brand and lifestyle, filling in the gaps where needed

  • Get dressed with confidence by creating grab-n-go outfits for maximum efficiency that align with your style, lifestyle, career goals, and fit.

I’ve always had a passion for clothing and more importantly, seeing how clothing can help or hold back my personal and career growth.

I used my own wardrobe as a tool to communicate my value, skills, and boost my confidence. Through the years, I realized the power a good wardrobe can have when it aligns with the message you want to share about yourself, without even saying a word.

Realizing that getting dressed in a way that makes you shine from the inside out doesn’t come easy for many, I set out to make it my business to help busy professionals, like you - build a wardrobe that visually communicates your unique personal brand.

My clients include CEOs, C-Suite executives, VP’s, Senior Directors, Entrepreneurs, and Rising Stars. Regardless of the role, they have similar pain points in common including no time to shop, unsure of where to shop or how to dress for casual office dress norms, how to pack for work travel, and more. My process is personalized to meet the unique needs of each client.

My 20 years of corporate experience, graduate of NYC’s School of Style, and helping countless professional clients build their personal brand through a cohesive wardrobe has given me the practice needed to help you Build your Brand.

When not working with clients, I’m a wife and a mom of two busy boys. I love ginger jars, my morning cup of coffee, journaling, meditating, and daily walks.

I look forward to working with you!

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