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Sylvie Hart is a style expert who serves clients 1:1 and also delivers her expertise through presentations to corporations, small businesses, and professional groups. She challenges audiences to think about the impact their wardrobe can have on their career, team, relationships, and mood. Audiences gain a full understanding that what they choose to wear each day is not frivolous but instead a powerful communication tool that gives them the ability to speak without saying a word when they enter a room.

With a 20-year corporate background, Sylvie knows first-hand what a functional and versatile wardrobe can do for you. Her clients expand over several industries including healthcare, manufacturing, entrepreneur, finance, and banking. She is passionate about helping her clients dress with confidence so they can focus on what they do best.

Sylvie is a problem-solver, good listener, organized, and loves helping her clients get dressed with ease and confidence. When she’s not working in someone’s closet, she’s living life to the fullest with her boys and husband.

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— Sumita Khatri, MD

"Sylvie provided a session on dressing for success to a group of women leaders at CWRU. Her presentation was informative and contextualized for our profession, providing scenarios on how to be flexible throughout the day at various venues. Sylvie demonstrated how fit and form and function go together and how making a first impression in one's own style."

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