I offer 1:1 styling services to solve your wardrobe challenges.   

I have a closet full of clothes but struggle to mix & match outfits with ease.

I run out to buy a new outfit for an occasion or important meeting because I don't have anything to wear.

I buy a new top because it looks good on someone else but it doesn’t look & feel the same on me.

Here are real wardrobe struggles straight from my clients.

I feel so frumpy in my clothes. I'm not sure what my style is or what I like to wear. I know I want to look pulled together but I'm not sure what that means for me.

I don't even know where to shop these days. I spend so much time searching for clothes online but nothing really speaks to me. 

Online shopping can be so frustrating and my local stores rarely have my size or selection.

The dress code at work has gotten so casual. I'm not sure what to wear to work these days. 

My body is changing and my clothes just don't fit right. I'm saying no to social engagements and networking events because I don't feel good about my body. I want to hide in my clothes.

if you are like the clients i serve, chances are the statements above are sounding loud and clear.

What if you could open your closet and know that every item represents who you are today so that you can look & feel pulled together in your way.

I'm here to show you how...

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My signature program is the perfect fit if you are ready to elevate your style and wardrobe, but you don't have time to shop. This full-service package contains all of my services in one giving you the ultimate style experience. With this package you are making an investment in yourself, your image, wardrobe and style. The result? An organized closet filled with clothes that best fits you, your style and lifestyle, so you can conquer your day with confidence!

style makeover



  • Personal Style Development

  • Closet Cleanse & Organization

  • Personal Shopping on your behalf (and returns too!)

  • In-Person Styling Session to create 30+ outfits

  • Digital Style Book & Ongoing Support for 3 months

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This package is a perfect way to get re-inspired with your current wardrobe! We will create 25+ outfit combinations with the clothes you already own. I will recommend additional items to shop for to maximize your wardrobe even more. You’ll receive photos of all of your new outfits for reference so you never have to worry about what to wear again. Plus, you'll have access to me, your personal stylist, to guide you along the way.

style refresh

done with

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  • Mini Personal Style Development

  • In-Person Styling Session to create 30+ outfits

  • Shopping links provided for wardrobe gaps

  • Virtual Style Session to evaluate shopping finds

  • Digital Style Book & Ongoing Support for 1 month

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Get re-inspired with your wardrobe during this mini style session! During this 1 hour virtual coaching session, you’ll uncover your style adjectives, receive a few styling tips that you can start implementing now, and 1 fully styled outfit using a piece from your closet that you love but never wear. Plus, you'll have this time to ask your personal stylist how to solve your biggest wardrobe struggles.  

style discovery call

Do you find yourself overpacking for trips or not packing the "right" pieces when you travel for business or pleasure? Let me help you build a capsule travel wardrobe based on your travel agenda so you can finally travel with ease and confidence knowing you have everything you need to look and feel amazing for your next trip. 

travel made easy

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  • 2-hour virtual call to select the pieces to pack based on your travel agenda & weather

  • You'll receive a detailed document with the exact pieces to pack/ specific outfits/ & shopping links for any gaps

  • It is recommended you book this package at least 2-3 weeks prior to traveling.

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step three

Lastly, we'll create simple grab-n-go outfits that work for who you are today, so you can feel comfortable & confident in how you look. Easy style tips to give you the best fit for your shape will leaving you feeling confident and looking radiant. 

Get Dressed
w/ ease

step two

Next, we build a wardrobe that aligns with your personal style and lifestyle, so you never have to stress about what to wear. Each item in your closet will have a purpose and role in your wardrobe. It will be easy to fill in the gaps based on your newly defined personal style.

step one

The first step in building a cohesive wardrobe is to determine how you want to visually show up as the best version of yourself. Your personal style is unique to you and clearly communicates who you are from the inside out. 

from blending-in to being you using my unique, simplified process

start with

build a

The 3-step Style System

— S.P

I needed help styling outfits differently vs wearing the same outfits over and over again.
So many people have complimented me since working with Sylvie.

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