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Sylvie opened my mind to the possibilities I have with my own wardrobe. I feel like I bought 6 or 7 new things when I am really just finding new and better ways to use beautiful items that have been hanging in my closet unworn.

- D.P

So many people have complimented me on my outfits since working with Sylvie. Also, I love having the outfit photos to refer to on busy mornings when I just can't decide what to wear.

- S.P

I get constant compliments on the way that I dress! Complete strangers tell me how much they like my outfits. One of my friends says that I look "glamorous" now. Sylvie is creative, flexible, budget-conscious, fun, and efficient!

- M.M

Sylvie taught me to accessorize and wear my "good" clothes rather than wait for a special occasion.

- J.M

Sylvie understands your style and works with you. I did not have to buy a lot of clothes, she helped me to find some key pieces to put many different outfits together. Plus, she's a lot of fun to work with!

- S.P

I've gotten so many compliments on my outfits and feel more confident. Putting outfits together has been fun and I'm working my way through the 45 outfits Sylvie came up with.

- G.A

I hired Sylvie in a panic right before leaving for our trip to Paris. My travel agent strongly recommended that I not check a bag and I have never been able to pack light. Sylvie coached me (all through Zoom) on what to bring and how to wear it. Without even being able to be in the same room as I was in, she came up with different ideas of what I could wear and had me pull different items out of my closet that I never would have thought to either bring or pair together. Her sense of style and her ability to work with what I had available was beyond incredible. At the end of the session, there were just two items she suggested I acquire and she told me exactly where to buy them. She then emailed me a summary of all the outfits for the week, what to wear in the day and how to transition it for the evening if needed. Plus it was so fun to see how the clothes I had, with just a couple different touches, led to entirely new outfits, all without buying anything new for them. It was an extraordinary experience and one that saved me money and reduced my packing stress. I can’t recommend working with Sylvie enough! 

- M.L

I needed help identifying my style preference and reviewing items from my closet to create an integrated whole new wardrobe in line with that style. After working with Sylvie, I am more thoughtful in putting together flattering outfits that really reflect who I am. Sylvie sincerely wants her clients to feel good and be confident in assembling outfits. 

- C.M

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