Brand Spotlight: Tibi Fall Fashion Show Notes


September 10, 2022

IMG-0045 Last week I experienced the opportunity of a lifetime. I was invited to attend a fashion show for one of my favorite brands Tibi as part of NY Fashion Week. It was a thrill, to say the least! Highlights include (photos below) – being at my very first fashion show, getting to meet the Founder of Tibi, and experiencing the show alongside my mom and brother!

Untitled design (7)

Over the last few years, I’ve become a self-proclaimed ambassador of Tibi.  After getting to know the brand through the weekly Instagram Style Classes, not only did I love the style of the brand, I was particularly drawn towards the Founder and Creative Director Amy Smilovic.

As an incredible creative and communicator, she connected several dots for me when it comes to defining one’s personal style. Her concepts allowed me to really fine tune my own style and help me be a better stylist for my clients.

Not to mention, she is the most approachable CEO I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know of any CEO who interacts directly with her customers through DM’s on Instagram. She is more in-tune with her customers which has allowed her to rise above and build a power brand during the pandemic.

The 8-minute fashion show was a “pinch-me” moment but the real magic happened after the show when Amy gave a 45-minute style talk backstage to her #tibifans aka key customers. I wanted to share a few quotes from her presentation about personal style that resonated the most with me and hope they will with you too.

  • How to visually articulate who you are can be very powerful. There are only 3 ways to communicate – through your actions, what you say, and through your visuals. When your visuals are not in line with who you are…it can hold you back from effectively communicating.
  • Personal style starts with introspection…you have to know who you are so you can clearly articulate that everyday.
  • When people notice who you are and not the shirt you’re wearing or the bag you’re carrying, then you have nailed your style.
  • And when you know your style, you won’t take offense or worry about what others think of your outfit.
  • Finding meaning and purpose in what you wear creates teflon in your closet and allows you to invest in pieces that really speak to you. If you have too much noise in your closet, you’ll never be able to hear what really speaks to you.

Amy’s words resonate with me in how I’ve defined my own personal style (more on this later) and how I help my client’s define their style. Think of personal style as the recipe and your wardrobe as the cake. In order to bake the cake, you need the recipe, right? Otherwise, you’ll end up with something that kinda sorta looks or tastes like a cake or not at all.

If you’re struggling with finding what to wear each day, I’m here to help you uncover your personal style first, then build a wardrobe that visually articulates who you are.

Let’s get started!

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