Get your Wardrobe Spring Ready!


May 2, 2022

Spring can be tricky. The temperatures are lukewarm, neither cold nor warm. Chances are…you’re ready to shed those heavy layers, ditch the winter coat and boots, wear shoes without socks, wear brighter colors, wear white jeans with confidence, or try a new lip color?

I want to share with you 3 ways to freshen up your daily outfits for Spring.

Continue wearing layers (but not the big bulky ones from winter). Practical dressing means responding to temperature changes throughout the day by adding and taking off layers. This can look like a spring jacket + scarf + sweater + jeans + ballet flats.

Lighten the color palette. I like to lighten things up when the blooms appear by wearing more whites and neutrals in different textures (think cozy beige sweater + white jeans + loafers) and/ or add a bright color which could be a handbag, shoe, earrings, scarf, t-shirt, etc.

Bring out the shoes with no socks. I’m here for this one. Shoes bring so much joy, fun, surprise, and modernity to my outfits. With the simple change of your shoes, you can really switch up the vibe, style, mood of your entire outfit.

Here are 2 Spring-inspired looks to get your wardrobe Spring ready!


I have a few openings left for Spring. If you need some help getting your wardrobe ready for the new season, view my services or contact me here.


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